Information about postponed Zalgiris games in 2019-2020 season

The Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) board took the decision to suspend the basketball season, thus cancelling all LKL games starting the 15th of March. While ending the LKL championship was not our decision, but just a reaction to ensure the health and safety of all of us, if you chose to get a refund for the games against Neptunas (March 15th) and Lietkabelis (March 29th) until the 30th of March, the refund will be made until 13th of April.

Mid-March, the EuroLeague season was halted with three more Zalgiris home games left in the regular season. Fans, who had shown unbelievable loyalty for their colors, had all three games sold out. Nevertheless, it seems that another game in a sold-out Zalgirio Arena is a scenario that is unlikely to happen this season. Not waiting for a EuroLeague decision for the continuance of the season, Zalgiris extends the opportunity to get a refund for the games that did not happen.

EuroLeague confirmed that there is still a chance to continue the season, but noted that the health and safety of players, coaches and basketball fans is the priority, and expects to reach the final verdict before the beginning of June.

Ending the season in a usual manner is still on the table, with teams playing their home games in their own arenas. Nevertheless, the more likely scenario is that the regular season will be finished in one country, where all the teams would gather. In this case, the regular season would conclude followed by a Final 8 tournament instead of the usual EuroLeague Playoffs and Final 4 format. EuroLeague plans to announce the host city or country by the start of June.

If Zalgiris would play their games in their home court, even in the most optimistic scenario, it could not happen in a sold-out arena. Therefore, it was decided to provide the chance to get a refund for the tickets, EuroLeague decision notwithstanding.

If a decision is reached to allow home games with fans, ensuring a safe distance between them, priority would be given to Zalgiris season ticket holders. Until EuroLeague’s final verdict, refunds for season ticket holders will not be issued.

Even in the scenario that more fans would be admitted to the game than there are sold season tickets (about 7000), previously purchased tickets would not be valid, and ticket sales would start anew.

To get a refund for the games against Fenerbahce, CSKA and Bayern you should fill out this form until the 5th of May. If you do not fill out the form, refunds will not be automatically issued. Having filled out and submitted the form correctly, the tickets will be refunded within 14 days after the request. The club asks the fans for understanding and patience, if the refunds would be delayed due to the ongoing quarantine that makes the administrative work that much more difficult. Nevertheless, refunds for LKL games were issued sooner and have already reached all who applied.

Zalgiris is very grateful to the team’s most loyal fans, as the club received an outpour of support stating early on that they would not be looking for refunds for their tickets, thus helping the club financially. In that case, fans do not need to do anything else.

Whenever the conclusion of the EuroLeague season is confirmed, and if the games would be played without fans, season ticket holders would be provided an opportunity to get a refund for a portion of the EuroLeague and LKL games. It is planned to have three options – to receive a partial refund, cover a portion of next season‘s ticket, or to gift the compensation to Zalgiris.