BBL: Zalgiris takes 3rd win in a row 0

Author: BBL Media Service

Rock Tartu clearly was not prepared in the first minutes of the game, as the visitors quickly jumped ahead 13:0. Six minutes played, Marcus Brown made already his tenth point, and Zalgiris built their lead to 21:2. Rock managed to hit a couple of threes, but Zalgiris won the first period 29:15.

In the first seconds of the second quarter Rock seemed to be a bit more energetic, as they managed to diminish their deficit to nine points. But, with Salenga‘s three-pointer at the buzzer, Zalgiris headed to half-time with a comfortable 51:38 lead.

Still, in the third, after Todd Abernethy’s and Asko Paade’s baskets, Rock was trailing again only by 8, but Kalientis‘ three-pointer gave Zalgiris back it‘s ten point lead. Rock lost the third 60:77.

Nothing really changed during the last quarter. Five minutes to go, Zalgiris lead by 18. With three minutes to go – by 20. And, finally won the game 95:68.

Five Zalgiris players scored in double-digits. Marcus Brown and Tadas Klimavicius led the way with 14 points. Rock‘s Abernethy had 15, Silver Leppik contributed with 13 points.