LKL playoffs start with a home win for Zalgiris 0

Zalgiris retained home-court advantage and gained a 1-0 lead in Betsafe-LKL Quarterfinals. It took a little while for Zalgiris to get it rolling, but Kaunas managed to cut loose and soared to an impressive 95-70 victory over Nevezis.

The bigs did the lion’s share of work for Zalgiris, as Antanas Kavaliauskas and Brandon Davies dropped 19 and 16 points, respectively, while Aaron White added 14 to the tally.

Vasilje Micic did well to find his teammates open, as he flirted with a double-double, scoring 9 points and dishing out 10 assists. Alex Toupane added another 9 points to the tally.

For Nevezis, Lester Medford Jr. was the leading scorer with 19 points. James Woodard added 15 to the tally, while Justas Tamulis dropped 9. Both Gintautas Matulis and Margiris Normantas finished up with 8 points apiece.