#FollowMeZalgiris. Ulanovas tells about his favorite social media 0

Zalgiris TV has introduced a new segment this season, called #FollowMeZalgiris, where Zalgiris players reveal their social media habits. For the latest episode, we got Zalgiris forward Edgaras Ulanovas to share his online life with us.

“I use Facebook and Instagram. Those two are the main ones, I haven’t quite gotten into the other ones. I try to keep in touch with my fans, mostly on Facebook. I haven’t had any live videos on Instagram yet, but that might be coming in the future.”

Edgaras let us know that his “following” list consists mostly of sports pages, as he gave his thumbs up to one of his favorites.

“I can’t name any specific person I follow, but mostly sports people. I really like this page called NBA Retro, where you can find loads of photos, videos and facts from history.”

The forward also shared some stories about his posts, introducing us to his cats, giving a look inside Marius Grigonis‘ wedding, competing in growing beards with the rest of the guys, and his legendary bout against Rocky himself.“