Attention shown to integrated basketball in Zalgiris’ 11th 3×3 tournament 0

On the 5th of May Zalgiris invites all basketball fans to spend the day in the 3×3 tournament on the foot of Zalgirio Arena in Nemunas island. Zalgiris shows great attention to social responsibility and alongside the 3×3 tournament carers – audit, tax and business consultancy agency KPMG – will put up quite the event.

Fans, participants and spectators will be invited to a demonstrative integrated basketball game. The court will be manned not only by well-known Zalgiris faces, but also by handicapped people with cerebral palsy.

The 11th Zalgiris 3×3 tournament invites both basketball and football fans to fight for glory and terrific prizes. The team registration to basketball and football tournaments goes on until the 23rd of April, but participants are invited to make that step earlier, as the registration fee goes up on the 18th of April.

Plenty of Zalgiris faces will be seen in the whole-day festival. Not only will they award the best teams, but they will also participate in some events where everyone will be able to throw down the gauntlet to them.