#BackToSchool makes Walkup to look back at his high school days 0

As the season has already come to a full stop, the school year still continues for pupils all over Lithuania. Zalgiris TV brought in Thomas Walkup, as he shared some of his memories growing up in the #BackToSchool show.

Having graduated Deer Park High School in Texas, Walkup also played for the school’s basketball team. When asked to think of the first three words that come to mind when you think of school, the American took a second to reminisce.

“Friendship. I made a lot of friends from high school. Boring. Class was very boring, I wasn’t a fan. Fun, too. High school basketball was a blast. It was so much fun and I’ve got lifelong friends just from playing.”

One of his most memorable memories from his school days was not a good one for Walkup.

“It’s actually not a good one. It was when I got hurt, when I broke my foot. As far as my high school basketball career. It’s funny how things all work out. At that time I thought it was so terrible and tragic. It’s funny how events affect the rest of your life. Without that I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Despite paying a lot attention to basketball, Walkup was a very good student and got the highest of grades.

“I was a straight-A student. Mom stayed on top of us, made sure we stayed right, made sure there was no slacking off going on. I was actually really good at Maths. I hated science, though. Especially biology.”

While Thomas looks back and thinks he could of been a bit more mischievous, the most important thing he got from his school years were the friends and relationships.

“I think it was how to build relationships. I’m close with quite a few of my high school buddies. I think it’s special. Not everyone has that and it’s something I hold close to my heart.”