Zalgiris quiz: the difficult driving question and Zalgiris’ designer 0

As the players get to know each other on and off the court, Zalgiris TV decided to put the team’s veterans to a test about the hobbies and personal life of the team’s newcomers.

Paulius Jankunas, Arturas Milaknis, Thomas Walkup, Edgaras Ulanovas, amongst others took on all sorts of questions. Who on the team is a keen piano player? Who had to spend two years of school without basketball?

Not too many got it right when asked about who was the last to get their driver’s license, but pointing out the man who started his own clothing line wasn’t too much of a head scratcher.

The man who had his answers on point was Martinas Geben, as Lukas Lekavicius also seemed to have come prepared. How did the others do? Check out Zalgiris TV’s newest episode!