Bareikis: “You can’t mistake this atmosphere for anything else” 0

Everytime you step on inside Zalgirio Arena, you’ll see a number of Lithuanian celebrities. Musician, actor and director Vidas Bareikis joined Zalgiris TV to talk about losing his #ZalgirisVirgin experience.

The artist has been a basketball fan since his early days and started rooting for the team since he was 11 years old, as Zalgiris triumphed in Eurocup tournament in the 1997-1998 season. That was Vidas’ first time in Kaunas Sports Hall.

“I’m from a generation of fans for who Zalgiris started with Franjo Arapovic, Ennis Whatley, and Kaunas Sports Hall, not Zalgirio Arena. I didn’t go often, but I would definitely pay a visit from time to time. It was a place I would go with my dad.”

According to the musician, the atmosphere watching the game live compared to watching it on TV, is incomparable.

“I used to watch a lot of games on TV. But one thing is when you see it on TV,  it’s totally different when you see and feel it in person. I don’t even know what it is with Zalgiris, with Kaunas, but you can’t mistake this atmosphere for anything else. And that first time anew, it was last year. I came to a sold-out Zalgirio Arena, to the legendary non-stop winning streak.”

The presentation also left an impression on the celebrity, as he compared it to NBA levels.

“I heard the anthem sung by all those people. At the end of the game, the entire crowd stood up, clapping for another victory. The whole presentation of the game left an impression on me, too. The show part of it… I was thinking, it’s so nice to have the NBA in Lithuania.”