#TimeOutZalgiris: The father of country and Zalgiris Honor Club 0

Zalgirio Arena witnessed yet another basketball show, as Zalgiris took on the league-leading Anadolu Efes, with nearly a packed stands in attendance.

Traditionally, Dalia Belickaite and the Zalgiris TV’s #TimeOutZalgiris crew were out and about, talking to local celebrities and members of the Zalgiris Honor Club.

One of the men that you can’t miss was a cowboy hat-donning Virgis Stakenas, who is considered to be the father of country music in Lithuania.

“I know that one thing remained for all times, and that is the support and belief of the people. The people would sing the anthem together without being guided. Without a musician, without an orchestra. That’s not something you can set up. This is so real that in normal life it doesn’t even happen. These are deep roots.”

During the halftime break, Zalgiris Honor Club members, who’ve been with the team since 2009, were honored, as they were the first ones to receive the golden reward. The symbolic recipient of the first gold mark was Zalgiris Honor Club president Modestas Paulauskas.

Paulius Motiejunas was there to award some of the most loyal Zalgiris fans.

“I’m very happy. Especially knowing these people for 10 years, you can feel that energy, of a real fan. It’s an incredible feeling. Once a year we have a meeting, where I hear a lot of suggestions. When we win, it’s easier. Yesterday it was a bit more difficult. But again, from the start, we’ve gone through so much together – we’ve grown together, we’ve moved forward together. It’s a special feeling. These are our people.”