Jasikevicius: “The other players will have to step up” 7

Zalgiris didn’t waste time during the holidays. Sarunas Jasikevicius’ troops were working hard each day and hopes to get out of this losing streak on Friday’s EuroLeague battle against Bayern.

On Thursday evening, the green-and-whites were already in the Audi Dome arena, despite previously shooting around only on the game day.

“Yeah, it was more because of the holidays, but we also want to be in the opponent’s arenas a bit more in this shooting slump. Maybe it will bear some fruits.

We played a really good game in Prienai, had a day-off after it. And then we worked during the holidays. I don’t see any other chances for us to get out of this slump. We practiced every day, we’ll see if that brings results tomorrow.”

The head of Zalgiris headed down to Germany with some losses in the roster, as Jock Landale joined the inactive list alongside Marius Grigonis and Rokas Jokubaitis. Edgaras Ulanovas’ situation is unclear, too.

“Landale sprained his ankle in practice yesterday. We’ll see how Ulanovas’ situation plays out, as he’s feeling shin pains. We couldn’t get some of the research done during the holidays, but Jock’s injury shouldn’t be to the level of Jokubaitis. Better for me not to comment, because I don’t base this on anything scientific. There are some losses, but the other players will have to step up.”

Zalgiris is bringing the trio of youngsters of Erikas Venskus, Karolis Lukosiunas and Justinas Ramanauskas instead.

Zalgiris will be heading into battle against a Bayern squad that hasn’t shown too much this season, as they stand on the outside of the playoffs with a 6-9 record.

The team’s biggest summer signing was former NBA player Greg Monroe, who is averaging 12.2 points, 6.0 rebounds and 15.4 efficiency.

“He brings his stuff. He’s a force under the basket. Sometimes the game relies on his passing from 5 meters, too. Zipser and Lucic are really good cutters, and Monroe passes the ball well, averaging 3.5 assists from the center spot. That’s a resounding number.”

Jasikevicius traditionally pointed out the importance of physicality in EuroLeague basketball.

“We have to bring physicality. It’s a team that plays tough, contact-based basketball. They might not be too quick, but they’re big in each position. Starting from the 3 spot, their height and length is impressive. They punish opponents after turnovers. We need to play simple, limit tactical mistakes. We have to accent details details…”


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