Jankunas and Kalnietis set to share their basketball stories on stage 0

Zalgiris Kaunas will be bringing the fans together for a special occasion this July, as the #ZalgirisOnAir podcast will be carried out live and in public for the first time ever.

Fans are invited to the Bosca Amphitheatre on Wednesday, the 8th of July, where long-time team captain Paulius Jankunas will be joined on stage by Mantas Kalnietis. The two green-and-whites have played together in Kaunas, on the national team and have simply been great friends for years, and are sure to share a number of entertaining stories.

The team captain has already been on the show once, as he was one of #ZalgirisOnAir’s first guests. Even in the previous conversation, Mantas Kalnietis was a topic that was not to be missed.

“I’ve known Mantas for a long time and we’ve got some great memories both on the court and off it. I think it’ll be really fun to catch up, reminisce and share some stories,” – noted the veteran Jankunas.

During the event, guests will have the chance to order food and drinks from the Sala restaurant, interact with the basketball players and ask them any pressing questions.

A limited amount of tickets are available, and will cost 9 euros, while Zalgiris Honor Club members will have a 2 euro discount and priority to purchase the tickets first.

Fans who won’t attend the event, will have the chance to watch the #ZalgirisOnAir podcast on the usual time, the Monday after filming