Zalgiris’ esports team looking to storm Hearthstone tournament in Las Vegas 0

Between the 14-17th of June, Las Vegas will host the international Hearthstone Masters Tour tournament and the Zalgiris esports trio of Dziugas “s8ris” Martinkenas, Tomas “Tomas” Dailidonis and Sarunas “SirVILGAUDAS” Urbanavicius have qualified amongst the 300 top ranked players in the world.

The newest Hearthstone season that started in March brought many changes to the qualification process and making the tournament means even more now. While the qualification process to the Masters Tour in Las Vegas lasted two months, it took more than just time. A lot of work and striving under pressure went into it, as one qualification tournament, even if you win every single game, could last up to 12 hours.

Dziugas “s8ris” Martinkenas explained the difficulty and scope of qualifying to the tournament.

“SirVILGAUDAS” managed to qualify to Vegas much quicker than “Tomas” and I. The two of us spent somewhere between 100-200 hours on the qualifying tournaments. This is one of just three official Blizzard Masters Tour events in 2019 and success here isn’t just about the money, it’s also the only way to gain the Grandmaster title. We’ll be facing the best players in the world and we’re coming to represent not only Zalgiris, but Lithuania and the entire continent of Europe. We will finally be able to officially add to the running banter that Europe is a much stronger region than America.”

While the prize fund stands at 250 thousand dollars, the green-and-whites are mostly excited by the opportunity to represent Lithuania in the esports world.

Sarunas “SirVILGAUDAS” Urbanavicius was excited and thankful to the Zalgiris organization for making such an opportunity achievable and looked to represent the colors duly.

“It’s important that all three of us managed to qualify, and with the help of Zalgiris, we’ve got an opportunity to participate in such a tournament. A successful performance here would help build a foundation for the expansion of esports in our region and more opportunities in Invitational tournaments. I feel very grateful for the chance to represent Zalgiris in Las Vegas and I think the three of us can band together and prepare for the tournament well.

The green-and-whites will travel to Las Vegas on the 12th of June and will promptly take on their biggest Hearthstone challenge yet. Follow all the Zalgiris Esports news on Facebook and Instagram.