Verzikauskaite Cheerleader


I am an active person, love spending time with my friends. I am balancing my studies, work and cheerleading at the moment. I love challenges, I am friendly, good sense of humour, and responsible.


Favourite Zalgiris Player. I love the team so could not tell one player in particular.

The most memorable game. Every game is somehow different and memorable, so there is no one game that would stand out.

The most memorable situation during the game. I came to watch the girls dance during one game, because I was traveling and was not ready to dance. But my teammate got injured to had to run out unprepared. It was a lot of fun, because I was dancing in a different possition and adjust at the same time.

The maximum number of times you had to change your outfit in one game. The number ranges from 3-10, of course always trying to change as many times as possible.

The best thing about being Zalgiris cheerleader. Our cheerleading squat is like a secong family, it is a great feeling to have girls you can trust. And when it come to dancing, its the full arena that takes your breath away!

Why „Zalgiris“? Because it is the team of my city and it was always my dream to be a part of it

„Zalgiris“ associates with.. strong team that attrackts thousands of fans. In my head „Zalgiris“ is Kaunas

If I wouldn’t be a cheerleader for „Zalgiris“.. Sad, because it was always my dream. After the career in gymnastics I always wanted to be a part of the cheerleading squat.

Other activities

Been working with children for a long time. I am studying communications. Been a part of a gymnastics team for 8 years, after those 3 years in aerobics. Not to mention the different types of dancing classes.