Zalgiris’ who’s-who. The green-and-white security guy, model and TV host 0

The Zalgiris TV crew brings back the second episode of Zalgiris’ who’s-who, with three questions about their teammates surely bringing some entertaining comments.

Firstly, the green-and-whites were asked to pick out a teammate who could make for the best TV host, with varied opinions coming through.

“It’d be me or Marek, I saw him acting well. We could even do it together, we just need my people to talk to his people, agree on the contract details,” – noted Tai Webster, who was quite the often selection by his teammates as well.

Marek Blazevic had a bit of a different opinion, pointing out the veteran duo of Arturas Milaknis and Mantas Kalnietis.

The next selection was made for a security guard position, with the mountain of a man Josh Nebo taking the reins.

Nevertheless, the American didn’t pick himself for this category and trusted in the security protocols of Arturas Milaknis.

“It’d be Milas, as his beard gives him this aggressive look,” – said the big man, who later chose himself as the guy for a modelling job.

For more fun-filled answers, watch the latest video on Zalgiris TV’s YouTube channel!