Zalgiris’ who’s-who. Players in romantic comedies and horror films 0

With the Zalgiris Kaunas basketball season already concluded, the Zalgiris TV creative team invites fans to stay with the team and presents the third episode of this season’s #ArPažįstiŽalgirietį, where players show how well they know their teammates.

This time, the feature was dedicated to the film industry, with Zalgiris players picking one of their teammates for a role of the legendary James Bond and someone to act in romantic comedies and horror films.

Niels Giffey, Arturas Milaknis, Janis Strelnieks, Tyler Cavanaugh and Joffrey Lauvergne were among the candidates to take on the 007 badge.

“I think it could be Tyler Cavanaugh. He just has that secret agent look,” Josh Nebo explained his choice.

When the Zalgiris players had to choose the teammate most suitable for the role in the romantic comedy, the choice was unexpected.

“It’s got to be Lukey. He doesn’t talk much, but I think he’s romantic once you get to know him better”, said Tai Webster, who was later echoed by Cavanaugh.

For more witty answers from the green-and-whites, watch the latest Zalgiris TV video on the club’s YouTube account.