Do you know Zalgiris: football edition 0

The 22nd FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar on Sunday. On the occasion of the tournament, Zalgiris TV has released a special episode helping us get to know the players better.

Zalgiris players have already tested each other’s skills on the pitch in the pre-season and now had to name their teammates who would be the best goalkeepers, strikers and the most emotional to celebrate the goals scored.

“Biras would be the best goalkeeper. He would only have to stand in the middle of the goal and his hands would already cover the whole area,” – noted Ignas Brazdeikis

“Lukas. When we played football, he was unbelievable at defending the goal,” said Tyler Cavanaugh in another opinion about the team’s best goalkeeper.

“I think Edgaras Ulanovas. The anthropometric data shows long arms, someone like Edwin Van Der Sar,” – head coach Kazys Maksvytis compared the Zalgiris captain to the legendary Dutch player.

When the topic turned to potentially the best striker on the pitch, the Zalgiris players repeatedly mentioned former captain Paulius Jankunas.

“Whenever I played, I was the best striker. Now… I don’t know, maybe Mantas Kalnietis thinks he is the best forward, but nobody would agree. Edgaras has really excelled. Now all we’re left is the weaker ones, the mediocre ones,” – Jankunas joked.

“Now he doesn’t play for the team anymore, but Paulius Jankunas used to be the team’s Ronaldo. He used to score goals. From this team… Maybe Iggy? He would still take the initiative, try to break something”, – smiled Tautvydas Sabonis.

At the end of the hilarious episode, the Zalgiris players listed the teams they intend to support at the World Cup, with a range of different answers coming from the green-and-whites.