#60SecondsWithZalgiris talks to Augustine Rubit 0

For the fourth episode of season three of #60SecondsWithZalgiris, the Zalgiris TV crew brought in one of the more experienced players on the team, Augustine Rubit.

As per usual, the big man had 60 seconds to answer as mane questions, that revealed a bit about the unknown side of the American.

In this short time, it was clear to see that he’s got a passion about animals. The hooper noted that if he hadn’t played professional basketball, he’d probably be working with animals. The 31-year-old revealed his favorite breed of dogs and an exotic animal he’d keep at home.

Augustine also had to pretend he could travel in time and had to chose what decade he’d like to jump back to.

Rubit cracked a smile when he heard a question about his first date. Apparently, it was quite early.

“I think I was six at the time. It wasn’t a date as if we’re going somewhere, but I definitely had a date with my neighbor – we’d have lunch and such,” – Augustine shared his memories.

All these questions and more were answered in Zalgiris TV’s latest episode of #60SecondsWithZalgiris!