Luke Sikma: “I’m a big fan of Lithuanians and Lithuania” 0

ALBA Berlin and one of its leaders Luke Sikma couldn’t quite enjoy his trip to Kaunas, as the German side suffered a defeat at the hands of Zalgiris. Nevertheless, the negative thoughts after the loss might have made a bit sweeter having met up with two former teammates and buddies Marius Grigonis and Thomas Walkup.

The 31-year-old standing at 203 cm tall took some time to give an exclusive interview to Zalgiris Insider’s platform #EuroLeagueTalks.

The son of the legendary Jack Sikma played with Grigonis in ALBA in the 2017-2018 season, while he met Walkup while the two played in Ludwigsburg MHP in Germany. Apparently, Sikma and Walkup still connect to play some Call of Duty: Warzone online to this day. Luke has also had the chance to pair up with another Lithuanian Rokas Giedraitis in the EuroLeague, playing together last season.

“They were the first Lithuanians I got to play with. It was fun getting to know more about Lithuania. Of course, I’m a big fan of Lithuanians and Lithuania. I see how much you love basketball. It was fun to get to meet the Lithuanian culture through those two guys.

Sikma also revealed his knowledge of the Lithuanian language, noting some key phrases he had learned, and revealed the story of how he reached out to Marius Grigonis in the summer of 2017, when he was considering joining ALBA Berlin.

The full interview is available on the Zalgiris Insider platform, as Luke Sikma revealed more about his all-around play, triple-doubles, Marius Grigonis’ capabilities in practice, this season’s Zalgiris and the most surprising EuroLeague team of the season.