Thomas Walkup: “Defense can be just as fun as offense” 0

When the conversation turns to work on the defensive end, it’s Zalgiris point guard Thomas Walkup who usually steps up to guard the opposition’s toughest match-ups.

That was the case in Walkup’s iconic steal from Kostas Sloukas and the game-winning score in the EuroLeague face-off against Olympiacos. On the Zalgiris Insider platforms segment #WhatItTakes, the American guard shared his thoughts about having fun on defense, and an intense approach to that end of the court.

“I think defense can be just as fun as offense. There’s a beauty to defensive play and defensiveness togetherness. When it’s done correctly, it can be very fun.”

The guard talked about his coach Brad Underwood, who instilled defensive principles into his game and addressed the fact that that end of the court might not always be appreciated as much as scoring.

“I think defense is underrated to a fan that’s not as knowledgeable. To people who have played the game and really know the game, defense will always be appreciated.”

Walkup also talked about the adjustments in the EuroLeague, opponents’ analysis and his toughest match-up in the EuroLeague. Besides that, he also talked about the bruises after EuroLeague games and the practices with Marius Grigonis. The full episode of #WhatItTakes can be found on the Zalgiris Insider platform.