Zalgiris adds green-and-white electric scooter to store line-up 0

As Zalgiris fills its assortment of gear, the club doesn’t forget the ones who enjoy their outdoors. Zalgiris has announced a new product in its line-up, partnering up to launch a green-and-white version of the Beaster Scooter BSZAL.

The scooter is meant for in-city travels, reaching speeds up to 25 km/h with a travel range of 25-30 km. The scooter is easily transportable, as it folds up in just a couple of seconds, and weighing at 14 kilograms, will easily fit into your car.

Several unique qualities ensure the safety and comfort of the scooter. Firstly, this model stands out with it’s rear amortization that help you go through bumps on the road easier. Bright LED lights on the front of the scooter ensures great visibility during nighttime, while the rear light will make sure you’re seen from the back, both while driving and braking. Lastly, the 25.4 cm diameter wheels are strong, non-slippery, resistant to bumps and have antivibration qualities.

The scooter also boasts a bright LED screen with a dedicated smart app. On every trip, you’ll be able to follow your speed, battery levels, distance traveled and any other necessary information in real time. Once the scooter is turned off, all this information will be available on the app as well. Having turned on the app at the start of your trip, you’ll also be able to set the LED intensity and select an automatic cruising speed.

Fans will be able to purchase the Beaster Scooter BSZAL scooter in any physical store, online on or in Krinona stores. First purchasers will also receive a Zalgiris present – all purchases until the 25th of April will come with a Zalgiris shirt as a gift.