Gandrime Team leader


I try to have a positive look towards the life. Even in difficult situations I try to find something to make me smile. I like communicate with people, who have good sense of humor. I like to make jokes sometimes as well (okey, I bit more than sometimes…:) ). I’m four grade student in Lithuania sports university. I study “Practicing systems, gymnastics”. If to talk about my hobby, my great passion is to dance and do sports. If to be honest, I can’t imagine my life without that. On the dance floor I can realize myself.


  • Favorite Zalgiris player. I adore Arvydas Sabonis, not just because he’s our basketball legend. He is tough, has keen mind and good sense of humor. He’s our nation’s pride.
  • The most memorable game. All the games are memorable – games are like fest for us. I’m not dancing anymore and the thing I miss most is that amazing feeling when you are standing on the court and all spectators sing the Lithuania National Anthem.
  • The most memorable situation during the game. It’s difficult to name one situation out of thousands of them. But one situation keeps me smiling every time I remember. Once, when I finished the performance in acrobatic split I kept waving to the public and lost sense of time. I got back to my mind in couple of moments when all girls were gone and players were back on court! All the public began to laugh including me :)
  • The maximum number of times you had to change your outfit in one game. 11 is very beautiful number. I guess it’s all around this number!
  • The best thing about being Zalgiris cheerleader. To get a chance to be close to the backstage of the basketball.
  • Why Zalgiris? It’s a strange question to give such a question to someone from Kaunas :)
  • Zalgiris associates with… Unity!
  • If I wouldn’t be a cheerleader for Zalgiris… I would dance anyway, because it’s one of the biggest passions of my life!

Other achievements

  • I was sports aerobics champion for many years, participant of sports aerobics European finals, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in international games.
  • The biggest achievement I made is the team I initiated 8 years ago. We had difficult time but now we can say that we are one of the best cheerleaders in the whole of Europe.