Nekrosiute Cheerleader


Zalgiris-2 cheerleader since 15 years old, joined the main team when I turned 18.

I am stubborn and always try to devote myself and pursue my goals. I value honesty, so I am always honest myself, I try to listen and help others. I am very tidy, responsible and punctual, so all daily, weekly or monthly work is precisely planned. Friends and loved ones would describe me as a cheerful, friendly and very sensitive personality.


  • All-time favorite Zalgiris player: Brandon Davies.
  • Most memorable game: all are memorable in their own way.
  • Most memorable event during a game: since I have been cheerleading for the main team for quite a short time, nothing special has happened so far.
  • Most costumes changed in one game: 6
  • Best thing about being a Zalgiris cheerleader: an opportunity to support your team and be a part of it.
  • Why Zalgiris? I think that it‘s the same with every little girl: if she doesn’t dream of being a princess, shedreams of being a Zalgiris cheerleader. That was my dream which came true.
  • I associate Zalgiris with… endless support and fighting.
  • If I didn‘t dance for Zalgiris, I‘d…never abandon dancing and would probably dance somewhere else.

Other achievements:

It can be said that dancing has accompanied me for almost my entire life. From the age of 4 I attended artistic gymnastics, at school I started attending folk dancing and later started ballroom dancing, and now I am proud to be a part of the Zalgiris main team cheerleaders group. I also work at McDonald’s fast food restaurant and study at Vytautas Magnus University.