When in Kaunas…

Zalgiris Kaunas is without a doubt the number one team in the entire country of Lithuania. And Lithuania on its own is one of the few countries in the world where basketball is the number one sport. Here it’s often referred to as the second religion. Speaking in numbers, 8 in 10 Lithuanians are interested in basketball, with 83 percent of them supporting Zalgiris.

The club and the fans have achieved an outstanding result for all their work, as Zalgirio Arena is always surrounded by unforgettable emotions, no matter the result of the game. During the 2018-2019 season, Zalgiris broke the all-time EuroLeague regular season attendence record, with an average attendence of 14 808 fans. With 15 415 seats available in the building, the club also had its record for most sold-outs with 11 throughout the year!

The tickets are being swiped left and right no matter how well the team is doing, and the atmosphere in the arena is simply the best. To mesh well with the green-and-white crowd and have the best time imaginable, we recommend going through the entire to-do list:

1. Don’t be late! Come to Zalgirio Arena and try out all the activities that are on offer
2. Go green-and-white in the face-painting booth
3. Get a temporary tattoo done
4. Try the virtual reality games
5. Get your groove on with the BongoCam hits shown on the cube
6. Make sure you don‘t miss the spectacular team introduction
7. Feel the goosebumps down your spine as a crowd of thousands sings the Lithuanian national anthem
8. Dance your happy dance as Zalgiris drains a three-pointer
9. Jump out of your seat doing the Mexican wave
10. Learn at least one of the chants
11. Go to Žalgirisshop.lt and choose a new (first?) piece of fan gear
12. Don’t miss the KissCam!
13. Take part in the Viking chant
14. Buy a ticket to the next game
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Never been to Lithuania? In that case – more about the Zalgiris’ city: Kaunas is the second largest city in the country and was the temporary capital during the interwar. Kaunas is in the very heart of Lithuania, and you will find it easy to navigate all over the country from here. Kaunas airport is just nearby, but it will take you just over an hour by car to reach the one in Vilnius. Don’t forget, Kaunas has always been the most sportive city, so make sure you take in the sights – you can find the map of “The city of Champions” in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

Kaunas has plenty more to offer, too. You can find the other routes visit.kaunas.lt/en.


Travelling in a group? We’ve got special offers for you!

  • Interested in tickets for groups of over 10 people? Contact us and we’ll accomodate a group discount!
  • Your group can be memorized by a professional photographer, to make sure the memories last.
  • For a group of 20 or more people, the team mascot Zalgirinis will join in for a group photo.
  • There’s an opportunity to be shown on the video cube for groups of 50 or more people, introducing you to the whole arena.
  • Booking in advance, a tour of Zalgirio Arena can also be organized. More – here.
  • Looking to watch the game separately? We can offer you a VIP Skybox!

For any questions and group orders, feel free to contact bilietai@zalgiris.lt.

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