One Team ambassador Marius Grigonis: “The most important thing is to have a goal” 0

As Zalgiris continues its contribution to the One Team EuroLeague program, Marius Grigonis and Thomas Walkup have joined the ambassador ranks. This time around, Zalgiris aims to guide teenagers in search of their goals, to help them find themselves and new skills, and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

During the projects’ first meeting with the newest Zalgiris’ ambassadors, players shared their stories of how they managed to get where they are now and overcome the obstacles in their lives. Marius Grigonis was adamant that goal-setting is a key part in success.

“Everything was pretty plain and simple for me, as my whole family played basketball. I immediately fell in love with the sport, and I was quite good at it, too. I had the talent and I understood that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wasn’t the best example for others, though. I think, we all have that rebellious period in our youth, as we all try to find our own way. We have to continue to keep on setting higher goals as we head through life. That is the base of it all.”

Thomas Walkup doubled up on his teammate’s comments, saying that it is vital to surround yourself with the right people and just keep on moving forward no matter what.

“I got infected with basketball immediately. I’m really happy that I found something I love so much so early. I’ve run into several serious obstacles, notably injuries, but I never even had the thought of giving up and kept working, no matter how difficult it was. My family helped me so much, supporting me all the way through and helped me keep my head up and stay on the right path. I wish you all to keep working hard no matter what you have to face, and find something that makes you happy.”

The main aim of the One Team project is to educate through basketball, and it all starts through teaching youth the importance of setting, planning and carrying out goals. The partner of this year’s One Team project is the Psychological support and consultation center, that provides professional guidance to all in need, ranging from teenagers to families.

For the second season in a row the One Team and Zalgiris project is strengthened by RAMIRENT. The organization, which has been socially active for several years, cooperates with Zalgiris in helping the participants of the One Team project to find more creative ideas for the weekly workshops.