Zalgiris Professional Camp gets praises from the participants 0

For the second year running, Zalgiris invites players to the Zalgiris Professional Camp. Throughout the two weeks, 14 players trained in the same conditions as the EuroLeague bound green-and-whites and were looked after by the Zalgiris system coaches.

Not only did the players work on their physical and technical skills, but also learned about the details and elements that go into professional sports. Each day, the camp participants dined in the Sala restaurant in the arena and had the chance to recover in saunas or swimming pools after the practices and closed out the camp with a friendly game of football.

Zalgiris’ rising star Rokas Jokubaitis was among the players to participate in the camp. He was happy to receive an invitation and having the chance to spend his free time working out.

“I participated in Zalgiris Professional Camp, and it was my first time here. I’m really happy I came here, happy I got the invitation. For two weeks, we worked at a really high intensity with professional coaches, professional players. They are people who take basketball seriously and have the right attitude towards it. There’s enough time to relax, they’ve got swimming pools available, sauna… There’s a lot of work put into both the practices and recovery after them.”

Zalgiris physical preparation coach Justinas Grainys shared his experience and noted that the Zalgiris Professional Camp is improving year by year.

“The players witnessed it first hand, everything is balanced, put in place how it is supposed to be for a professional sportsman. Recovery means, lunch in the restaurant Sala, pre-evening practices, recovery means. We use our free days with pools, which also help with recovery. We aim for the players to charge themselves physically, technically, but emotionally. All in all, I think the camp was a great success, since we looked into the wishes of the players, feedback from the first camp. For next year, we’re going to look even better.”

Jokubas Gintvainis, who plays for Manresa BAXI in Spain was thrilled to have such a high level camp, as he continues recovering after an injury he suffered last season.

“It’s been great. It has been a very interesting camp and everything is at a very professional level. I was working with the physio for a while before coming here, and this was kind of a continuation of it. For me, recovering after an injury, it’s great getting some experience, some on-court action, some contact. In the mornings we work here with Justas, up top in the weights room with Nerijus, and then basketball – individual, and then contact drills. There’s a good group of guys here, we all want to improve and work hard. Coaches of the highest caliber. Just seeing how Zalgiris operates, the arena, conditions. It’s all definitely worth it.”

During Zalgiris Professional Camp, the players went through a physical test, as their individual motor functions were evaluated. They were also provided individual daily nutrition programs.

Having received plenty of positive feedback from the participants, Zalgiris Professional Camp is set to return next summer.