Closer to the venue – parking spots made available for Zalgiris fans to purchase 2

Zalgirio Arena introduces something new for the visitor’s convenience – an opportunity to purchase a parking spot for each individual event right besides the venue. The fee is not hourly, but charged for the entire event, all the way from when the door opens, right until the end.

The price varies depending on the expected popularity of the game, ranging from 3 to 10 euros. For example, less popular LKL games will cost upwards of 3 Eur, while parking for EuroLeague games might cost up to 10 Eur. Besides, parking spots for EuroLeague games are often much sparser and only a couple dozen might be available, while several hundred spots could be available for an LKL game.

The parking spots will be available only for pre-purchased tickets, and only for the vehicle that will be registered in the ADC parking system. Registered vehicles will be identified via their number plates and will be allowed in both through the Karmelitai and A. Mickevicius bridge. There is no possibility to enter and pay afterwards.

You can already purchase your parking spot for upcoming events in the ADC parking website.

The same parking system will be in place once toll-bars are implemented besides Zalgirio Arena in the upcoming months.


  1. Valio

    dar vienas pasikapeikavimas.
    Pradžiai rūbinė, dabar parkavimas, Vėliau ir tualetus apmokestinkit, daugiau surinksit.

  2. Lina

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