#TimeOutZalgiris: One Team shines in Zalgiris battle against Valencia 0

Zalgiris stepped up to the plate for yet another EuroLeague challenge, as they took on Valencia Basket in an amazing atmosphere in Zalgirio Arena. The game did not lack action both on the court, and on the sidelines, as it marked EuroLeague’s One Team social action, that had one of the participants in the program joining the Zalgiris bench.

Meanwhile, on the courtside we had a number of celebrities, including TV host, writer and journalist Beata Nicholson, who took time out to talk to #TimeOutZalgiris’ Dalia Belickaite.

“It’s unbelievable. My jaw dropped from the moment I came in. It’s a marvelous feeling, great energy. It’s a thing you have to experience at least once in your life. I think it makes for such a great gift for somebody. You don’t need to be a fan, you don’t even need to know a lot about basketball. But at least once, it’s a must. Then you can start becoming a fan.”

In the latest episode of #TimeOutZalgiris, you’ll also see some half-time action with One Team participants competing in a friendly basketball game, and an interview with one of the participants, Dainius, who was happy to be so close to the Zalgiris players.

Besides that, professionals were out there teaching how to apply first aid and do mouth-to-mouth. Dalia Belickaite talked with Prof. Dr. Olivija Gustiene about it.

“We’re teaching people on how to help if a person suffers a quick death. Often it happens when a person has a heart attack. I think everyone should know how to apply first aid and do mouth-to-mouth. You never know, you might be the first one who helps a person who’s lost consciousness.”