#ZalgirisChallenge. Jokubaitis and Kriisa attempt to name the 90s 0

Before Sunday’s Betsafe-LKL battle against Cbet Prienai, Zalgiris Kaunas and Zalgiris TV present another episode of the #ZalgirisChallenge.

This time, it was a battle between two Zalgiris products, young guns Rokas Jokubatis and Estonian Kerr Kriisa, who is out in Prienai on loan, who tried their hand at a modified version of the quiz, taking them back to the 90s.

The two rising stars saw all kinds of photos with memories of the celebrities, TV shows or devices of that time.

“I don’t know, it’s a bit hard. Wait up, wait up.” – Kerr Kriisa tried to answer in Lithuanian, as both of the players struggled to find answers to some of the questions.

To find out which of the talented guys had the better memory and knowledge of the 90s, tune into the latest episode of #ZalgirisChallenge!