Jock Landale brings awareness to Australian bushfires 0

Zalgiris big man Jock Landale could not stay indifferent to the raging fires in his homeland of Australia, and has decided to help out to the ones fighting the fires.

The big man is one of a handful Australian ballers who’ve joined the cause. Landale promised to donate 100 dollars for every three-pointer or dunk by players from either side in the Zalgiris – Real Madrid matchup on Thursday.

“This week we play against Real Madrid on one of the biggest stages in Europe and I’m going to donate $100 for every three that’s hit in that game and another 100 for every dunk that’s made in that game. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be taking it easy out there, but both teams are very talented and they will both come out there and perform really well and hard.”

While Jock’s home town was not directly affected by the fires, as they are 100km away from the nearest hotspot, the center hopes this will bring awareness to the tragedy and bring support to the people fighting it.

“As everyone knows Australia has been just completely burnt right now. There are multiple big bushfires spreading across the country and just destroying millions of acres of natural habitats, farms, hometowns. Million of animals are dying, some of them are now on the verge of extinction. They estimate there’s only 50 or maybe 40 thousand koalas left in Australia, which is really upsetting. I’d already donated some money, but I felt a responsibility to bring awareness to it and hopefully people will get on board with it. Right now it’s devastating. The wildlife centers need help, the volunteer firefighters need help, there are families whose homes have been completely destroyed and they’ll need help rebuilding their towns and houses.”