A practice like never before: witness it through a players’ eyes 0

Zalgiris Kaunas players Tomas Dimsa and Ignas Brazdeikis tried something the Zalgiris players have never experienced before. The players wore MindFly vests with integrated cameras that captured video and audio from the player’s perspective.

Before the start of the training session, which did not lack physical contact, as Zalgiris players and coaches greeted with smiles the different-looking Dimsa and Brazdeikis.

However, the Zalgiris players quickly got used to the video, and the players gave the fans a unique opportunity to see the team’s training session as if they were watching a video game.

Dimsa and Brazdeikis wore the MindFly vests with cameras during several practices, so fans will be able to see moments from other practices later on.

Fans can see the first shots from a Zalgiris training session that has never been seen from such an angle before and the full details are now available for Zalgiris Insider MVP Plan subscribers.